Establishing and attending to companies in Germany for individuals and companies domiciled abroad – especially from Iran.

Experience shows that for companies and person from Iran and other countries, it is frequently problematic to build long-term successful relationships to German and European business partners. The challenges range from strong reluctance to enter into direct business relationships to daily problems related to payment transactions and the payment process.

Establishing subsidiaries in Germany for foreign companies, thus also Iranian companies, has proven to be a viable solution. The subsidiary can act as a contracting party in Europe or internationally. Delivery and payment transactions between Germany and Iran are then handled between the Iranian parent company and the German subsidiary. Many obstacles can be overcome thereby.

We will establish this German company for you and attend to your activities with it. The service offer ranges from setting up the company to drafting the annual financial statements. The Iranian shareholder/owner of the German company only has to be on site in Germany when the company is established. We will take over all future activities and processes in trusteeship.

Our services

  • Preparing establishment of the company
  • Selecting lawyer and notary
  • Selecting tax consultant
  • Selecting bank
  • Company address will be provided
  • Agreeing on the articles of association with the notary or lawyer
  • Agreeing on the by-laws with the notary or lawyer
  • Obtaining permits from the Trade Supervisory Board
  • Obtaining the required permits from the city
  • Attending to the notarized establishment of the company
  • Attending to opening accounts at the bank
  • Correspondence with the tax consultant and the tax authorities during the phase of establishment of the company
  • Drafting the opening balance sheet with the tax consultant
  • Submitting the opening balance sheet and registering the company at the tax authorities
  • Attending to ongoing correspondence of the company
  • Monitoring ongoing bookkeeping with the tax consultant
  • Handling payment transactions
  • Drafting the monthly financial statements with the tax consultant
  • Paying taxes due to the tax authorities
  • Archiving of documents
  • Arranging contacts with business partners, tax consultants, lawyers and auditors
  • Searching for investments in real estate or company holdings.


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