Capital market consulting and support

My long-time employment as executive of a publicly traded company has given me access to important partners involved with capital market support. In this occupation, investor searches, equity placement and marketing are the main issues.

The following partners are needed for companies to be able to operate successfully in the capital market:

  • Brokers
  • Securities trading banks
  • Designated sponsors
  • Research companies
  • Specialized law firms
  • Auditors
  • Financial press
  • Financial services providers placing equity

My extensive experience and a broad network built up over many years is at your disposal.

Family office

I have been gaining experience as a banker and broker since 1984. The best basis for sustainably structuring large fortunes internationally is historical experience. By advising large private and institutional investors in Germany and abroad in the past, I have become familiar with the requirements of these assets. This know-how is what I provide for you, in the form of superior consulting service.

Advice on digitalization of business processes in the financial services sector

Advice and support of financial services providers that want to adopt their own digital solutions for their services. We have access to service providers in the area of digitalization and access to B2B custodian banks that are open to companies with digital business models.

Advice on launching financial products

The launching of funds or certificates and their structuring requires an independent advisor. Selecting the right issuer, custodian bank and broker is of vital importance. I support you in this complex decision-making process with my many years of experience.

Advice and assistance in the sale of companies

My own experience helps here: As a founder, investor and consultant, I have bought and sold companies several times. I know both sides, can evaluate companies and conduct market analyses. In addition, I have an extensive network at my disposal. This is true both on the professional side, because every corporate transaction must be optimally accompanied from the legal and tax assessment to the notary, as well as on the personal level.

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